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Vitamin D - Get yourself tested

I'm writing this post out of a some what quiet desperation to let people know about Vitamin D deficiency and the extent to which it can effect your life.

It sounds a bit silly really doesn't it - Vitamin D deficiency? Harmless. Or it did to me anyway. When blood tests showed that I was Vitamin D deficient earlier in the year my first thought was oh, I suppose I should step outside more. Quickly followed by, I guess I should drink more orange juice too. (Totally wrong there btw past Abbie, that's Vitamin C!) I didn't for a minute think that the lack of Vitamin D in my system could be causing all my aches and pains, giving me extreme fatigue and effecting my mood in a horribly negative manner.

It's just Vitamin D deficiency right? It doesn't mean anything. Everyone has it at some point. It's just one of those things that sorts itself out.


These are just a few of the misconceptions myself and so many other people have when it comes to Vitamin D. Being honest I hadn't really even heard of it all that much. Much less did I think a lack of it would give me any signs or symptoms. So I was a bit baffled when I went to the GP about feeling exhausted, un-motivated and run down and the first thing she mentioned to me was Vitamin D. Iron levels I'd expected to be brought up, thyroid even, but Vitamin D was new to me.

As it turned out my GP was right and I did turn out to have low levels of Vitamin D.  I was amazed at how getting my levels back on track changed my body completely. Aches and pains improved almost immediately and even my mind began to feel more energised. I felt back to myself and it was so easy to do.

I've been working with Better You to encourage people to become more aware of what's going on with their bodies and how simple it can be to fix. Better You offer a Vitamin D oral spray that has been found to be 2.5x more effective than the capsules offered by GP's and pharmacists. Check out the Vitamin D Awareness Week website for more information and visit the Better You website to purchase a Vitamin D home testing kit or Vitamin D oral spray with 20% off during awareness week.

If a lack of Vitamin D is affecting you then changing the way you feel really can be this simple.

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  1. I need to remember to take my vitamin D spray as well, with things like that I always find it shocking how much getting on top of your vitamin levels can make a difference.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode