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Three Gifts for Grandparents this Christmas that won't cost you a penny

Christmas is an expensive time of year, none more so than for a parent.

I'm not sure why exactly it is but we've been struggling more financially at this time of year than we have done previously (despite no change in our income.) I think it's because this is the first year we've really felt the pinch of buying presents for two children as last year Archer was young enough to find the wrapping paper as entertaining as he would any toy. And also perhaps because me and James have had new babies on both sides of the family, as well as a fair few of our friends. Thus meaning we've had more tiny little humans to buy gifts for this time around!

It's possible to find it all a bit overwhelming and whilst unfortunately I can't say I'm a dab hand at making DIY baby toys (that are safe and ethical anyhow!) I have however come up with some gifts for the grandparents that will mean more to them than the usual slippers and wine and also save on the pennies for us at the same time. Win win!

So without further ado

1) A 'lovely little book of quotes'
Since the start of the year I've been recording down on the notes section of my phone any funny quotes that Lily has come out with. More out habit than anything else. However it was only when I went to read through them all the other week that I realised how many pages and pages of notes I had made from all her quotes. And some of them are flipping hilarious! The light bulb idea came to me to write them all down in a journal style notepad for my parents and give it to them as a gift at Christmas. Something to make them smile, and something that means something to them.

Here are a few of my favourites -

'Hey did you know that fairies only get to have one feeling at time because they are so small?'

'Mummy who do you think made me when I wasn't alive? Was I made by elves?'

Mummy: 'Lily stop being hyper!'
Lily: 'I'm not hyper, I just love the world what I'm in!'

It's a nice idea to include some quotes that your little one might have said about their grandparents too. For example I'm currently writing this one up 'Last night I had a dream that me and nanny sailed away to another world. I didn't want to wake up.'

Why not present the journal to them wrapped up in a bow from your little one? I personally went for a little poem on the front cover
 'May this bring you joy 
when you're feeling down
Put a smile on your face
when there's no-one around
Whether you laugh or cry
feel shocked or choke
Take pride in the words
that your granddaughter hath spoke,
whatever emotions her words may evoke!'

I'm sure you can think of a better poem than mine! but I'm sure whatever you come up with for the front the grand parents will love!

2) Make a toy to be played with the grandparents.
I'm so annoyed I didn't think to take a photo of this at the time but last year Lily made her nanny and granddad a fantastic puppet show made out of cardboard. She spent days decorating it and making lots of cardboard puppets and they had great fun playing with it on boxing day, Lily making them sit through her puppet show and then nanny and granddad doing on for her too! A perfect interactive gift that wont cost anymore than the materials you choose to make it with. (We used cardboard from old postage boxes. Will try and get a DIY post up in the next few weeks if I get the time)

3) A storybook.
I'm obsessed with my little girls imagination at five years old, it really does make me smile. Lily loves making up stories and so I've planned to make little books out of paper and string for her stories to go in. Featuring her own illustrations too of course! If like Lily your child can't yet write then get them to narrate the story to you so you can write it down for them. Like the previous two mentioned above this gift can be for anyone and I intend to get Lily to do a fair few for her aunties and uncles too. (Parenting tip: If you plan to do several start them weeks in advance so you're not trying to do them all in one afternoon causing your child to get bored. Believe it or not their creative juices can run out steam from time to time!)

And there we have it. Three great money saving gifts from your children that add a personal touch. If you're worrying over finances and all the presents you have to get your various million family members this christmas then I hope this helps!

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