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Week(s) in Pictures #30

I've slacked off with writing on here for so many weeks now that I honestly don't know where to begin with any of it!

October absolutely flew by and now all of a sudden we're in the first week of December and our Christmas tree has gone up. 

For once it's been a spate of positive things that have kept me away from blogging and i'm pleased to say exciting things are on the horizon. (things im yet to talk about on here for fear of jinxing things but will be blogging non stop about sooner or later!)

Do you ever get that weird anxious feeling in your belly when things are going a bit too well? and you feel like things can't possibly be going this smoothly because you've done nothing at all to deserve it and all of a sudden your walking around with nervous butterflies just waiting for it all to come crashing down? 
Thats the feeling im working with at the moment. Everything's all a bit too good to be true and I'm scared to let myself hope that this is really it

God I cant wait till I can stop talking in riddles for fear of cursing everything.

However on to the things I CAN talk about right now and the photos below, of how we've been spending our Autumn days.

October saw Lily turn six, which made me feel a little emotional and a lot old. She's a complete mini teenager as they all are at this age but she's also an absolute delight to be around and continues to have me and James in constant stitches with her sassy one liners and worldly insights. 

We spent the morning at the park consuming the worlds sickliest hot chocolate and the afternoon was spent jumping on trampolines with her friends ( those new trampoline parks that seem to be the latest in thing - they make me feel old because I cant think of anything more tiring than jumping up and down all afternoon but hey ho, its what she wanted!)

Much of November wasn't worth reporting on if I'm being completely honest. 

We've had the odd weekend trip out as a family which you can see below: 

Writing this in December now I cant believe it was still warm enough for the kids to be without coats or even bare sleeved this time last month. It feels like it's been arctic forever and a day but clearly not!

So here we are now in December, slowly creeping towards Christmas and mostly hibernating along the way. Archer's in the middle of potty training (which is NOT fun) and Lily's still loving school. 

Life is good. Life is plodding along.

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