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Kids bedroom renovation - Before and After

Here we are at long last with an actual renovation post! I honestly was beginning to think that we'd never get here but here we are mid August with the majority of the house done, it's nothing short of a miracle!
Besides the living room the kids room is the room we wanted done the fastest and has been done for the longest so this is the one we'll start with. 

If you read my previous post on our upstairs house plans you'd know that we'd already decided that the kids would have the biggest bedroom to share, due to two beds needing to fit in along with the sheer amount of stuff they have between them!

We tossed around ideas of a theme for a while before deciding to stick to a neutral white and grey theme complete with wooden accents. That way they wont outgrow the room and it's style, and they can add their own personalised bits to the room as they go along.

Before we moved in the master bedroom was the definition of dated. Before us the house belonged to an older couple and the entire style is very much of their era:  green carpets, patterned wallpaper, floral curtains.. it all had to go! I don't think we quite realised just how much space this room has to offer until we stripped it all back and we were more than pleasantly surprised when we did.


This is how the room looks from the doorway and as you can see everything has now been freshened up in terms of the colour scheme. The old green carpet darkened the room a lot however I think the neutral colours help this room look much larger and more open as well as letting in more light so I'm really pleased with it.

We were originally going to have the children's house beds in each alcove however one alcove ended up being too small. I think it's worked out better this way though because it means they have a big square of playing space in the middle of the room which they're already making effective use of.

Here is the brief order in which James and his dad did things:
1. Old curtains and track were firstly removed with new curtain pole and curtains being fit at a later date
2. Wallpaper, ceiling and fireplace was stripped. (We came across a dead pigeon skeleton in the fireplace at this time eww!) The fireplace was then framed, boarded and skimmed. We were tempted to keep it as open fireplace but it was a very very small space and extremely off centre so we decided against it in the end!
3. Old green carpets and underlay was removed as well as random bits and bobs such as the pull cord for the old bedroom light. As soon as the carpets went it really felt like we were getting somewhere.
4. New electrical sockets were then installed (we got someone in for this an it was actually kind of fun deciding where they all should go!) and the old ones recessed along with the old radiators which were also removed and replaced. 
5. The walls were repaired and lined with heavy duty lining paper before mist coat being applied. Loose or damaged skirting was replaced and then all woodwork such as the window sill, door frame, skirting and architrave were painted with satin white before the walls which were painted grey.
6. Ceilings were skimmed and boarded and received mist coat before being painted matt white.
7. New underlay and carpet was fitted (again we got someone in from carpetright for this)
8. Finally the new beds were assembled and a new ceiling pendant was fit before all furniture was brought in.

The house beds are the main feature of the room and I am obsessed with them! They were kindly sent to us by Noa & Nani and when we put them up we couldn't believe the size of them - such good value for the price! The kids adore them, especially Archer who loves hanging blankets over his to make dens ha ha.

The moon lights were also kindly sent to us by a lovely company called Lights 4 Fun. I'm a bit obsessed with moons in general so I was really pleased when we came across these. They give off a really nice glow at night and are easy for the kids to turn on and off by themselves, the perfect bedside light without any of those pesky unattractive wires!
(nb: I will list all room products at the bottom of the post for anyone interested)

Behind Lily's bed is the kids shared wardrobe. We needed a wardrobe that fitted both their clothes without being too large and intrusive in the room and this one slots in perfectly in the alcove behind Lily's bed. You'd hardly know it was there.

In the left corner of the room there used to be a giant wardrobe however we got rid and replaced with a little table and chair set complete with shelves above that house all the kids bits and bobs. It's a much improved use of the alcove space I believe and has become a lovely little area of the room, perfect for Lily to sit down and do her homework in.
Finally under the window is a 'window bench' with the kids cushions on which is actually just a cheap Ikea bookshelf turned on it's side ha. It works for now though!

And there we have it - the kids room complete. I'm sure there will be several changes along the way but may it last them for many years to come! 

Products in the room:
White carpet - Carpet right
Paint - Dulux Pebble shore & Satin white
Grey curtains - John Lewis
Beds - Noa & Nani
Bed canopies - Ebay
Moon lights - Lights 4 fun
Name plaques - Bear and Rose
Book shelves/Wall shelves - IKEA
Wardrobe - IKEA
Storage cube with grey boxes - IKEA
Green pendant light - IKEA
'Seat bench' - IKEA (billy bookcase)
Lily's bedspread - Primark home
Archers bedspread - Fred & Noah
Grey hexagon shelf - Primark home
Table and chair set - LaRedoute
Rabbit rug - H&M home
Childrens cushions - H&M home
Deer banner - Sophia & the fox
Storage baskets - H&M home
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*There are items mentioned that we received in exchange for this post however all opinions are honest and entirely my own

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  1. Ahh! We recently moved into a house that was occupied by an old couple. It's going to take a lot of work to do it up but we're looking forward to the challenge.
    The new bedroom looks gorgeous! It looks so much bigger and brighter. I love all the little touches that you have added x

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