Week in Pictures #39

Sunday, 8 September 2019

The summer holidays are officially done with for another year! Lily's happily back at school and Archer is all ready to start his first ever pre school next week, eek.  

The whole six weeks zoomed by in a blur of sibling squabbles, soft plays and the occasional bout of good weather, Actually I tell a lie, we've been pretty lucky with the weather this summer - plenty of sunshine and even on the greyer days its been hella warm, although that might just be my pregnant self talking ha ha. 
As it's been a pretty slow summer in terms of trips out we decided to make the most of the last week of the holidays and do as many trips out as we could. 
We ended up doing a few park trips and James took the day off work so we could all go to Newby Hall (see photos below) which is still one of my favourite places to go, it's so pretty! 

We decided to try York Maze on the last day of the holidays as Lily's been begging to go ever since she saw a leaflet for it in the local museum. It was rainy and windy the whole day though so no photos were taken and it was so busy we had to queue for at least 25 minutes for every single ride, which the kids were actually really good at doing, it was more me doing the complaining if I'm honest - my feet were killing! Not sure I'd really recommend York Maze as it's a lot of money for a lot of standing around. Maybe if you're lucky and go on a quieter day you may get more use out of everything but something tells me it's always that busy!
It's pretty unbelievable to me that we're already in September now and as I'm writing this I'm currently the size of a house, larger at 30 weeks pregnant than I was at full term with either of the other two I'm sure. 
I do think September and October will speed by now that we're back in a routine with school and 
the baby will be here before we know it. 
I better start getting things sorted..!

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