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Archers 11 Month Update

Lovely boy, how is your first year of life nearly done and dusted? Time's doing that funny thing where it feels like you've been here forever but at the same time it feels like you only just got here. That feeling still baffles me, even the second time around.

We're currently planning your first birthday bash (well I say we, daddy likes to take a back seat on the party planning front and I'm more than happy to let him as I love it) and I've been trawling through Pinterest and deciding on a theme. As we went with a pastel theme for your sister I've decided to stick with the colour theme and go with monochrome for yours. You can't beat a bit of monochrome!
The party will be small as we don't have the same space available to us as we had for Lily's birthday. It irked me at first but I've come round to the idea of a smaller do now. More relaxed and less pressure, hopefully. & lets be honest you wont know any different kid.

This month has seen you pick up some serious speed with your crawling and start cruising. I think you're probably capable of walking this time as you're certainly steady enough on your feet but you're just too fearful to let go of the furniture, I can see it in your eyes. Which is quite frankly freaking adorable and makes me wonder if being cautious will always be a part of your personality like your dad. Or whether you'll be an act first think later kind of person like me and your big sis.

Your appetite is still as hearty as ever and I often find myself wondering whether it's possible that I'm over feeding you. You just always seem hungry and will never turn down food, no matter how much you've already put away! You've also learnt to drink out of a beaker which I'm so impressed at and it makes you look so grown up. It's funny how out of all of the changes you've been doing lately it's the beaker that's made me feel the most emotional. I don't know why really, it's not to do with feeding since you're still very much clung to my boob 90% of the day, I guess it's more just about how it makes you look. A very stark visual reminder of the little boy you are these days and not the newborn you were mere minutes ago. Just how has that happened exactly?

The next time I write one of these posts (in 15 days to be precise) it wont just be a beaker I'll be getting emotional about it will be everything. Because you'll be one. ONE, buddy. I'll be mum of a pre schooler and a one year old. & by the end of this year I'll be mum of a school go-er and an almost-two-year-old toddler. Someone pass me the tissues!

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  1. Where has this year gone?! I remember seeing your announcement and those gorgeous newborn photos. It goes far too fast doesn't it xx

    1. Oh god I know. I wish so badly that they would stay babies for longer xx