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Archer Leo

Siblings in January

I'm so pleased to be continuing on with The Siblings Project this year as I adored doing it last year, watching my two grow together. It really is a special linky.

This year is going to see some big changes for Lily & Archer. Both together and seperately. Lily will be starting reception in September and Archer is going to have to learn to be without his sister for five days of the week! It will be interesting to say the least. 

Back to this month though and January has seen the two of them slow down a bit after the excitement of christmas.

We've had a lot of lazy days as it's just been too bloody cold to do anything else. (How much is everyone looking forward to spring though?) and so we've had a lot of indoor play again. It's been nice to slow everything down a bit and spend our time inside - I havent put make up on for days and it's been glorious! But it has also meant a fair bit of sibling squabbles as they've been playing on top of eachother constantly. 

I've talked before about how we don't have much downstairs space. Our living room isn't tiny but it's certainely not big and we dont have a reception room (back room, whatever you may call it) and so it makes it difficult for the two to play side by side as floor space is limited. Lily spends a lot of time getting irritated by Archer who will crawl over and knock down the tower she's just spent 20 minutes building or else grab the pen she's colouring with and stick it straight in his mouth to chew on. It's sweet really. He just wants to be involved with whatever Lily's doing. After months of him batting her away and trying to play on his own (see siblings project December!) he's now become really curious in what she's up to which makes me smile. The tables have turned for poor Lily who just wants some peace!

I love the bottom picture because Lily's face just sums up their relationship perfectly at the moment 😂

This month Lily has been loving
Playing Tom run on daddys Ipad (Such an annoying game and my god she's obsessed)
Writing letters
Playing/Cheating at pairs
Going back to nursery after the Christmas break

This month Archer has been loving
Toy cars
Attempting to do forward rolls (yes, really!)
Cheese, cheese and more cheese
Teletubbies (grr)

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  1. Oh look at them - so sweet! You can tell Archer just wants to join in! :D I'm not a fan of the Winter, its so boring at home all day when you have kids and you can't get out and play. Roll on Spring! xx

    1. Yess the cabin fever is real! Can't wait to have the option of going out again without having to bundle the kids up in a million layers! Roll on spring indeed x

  2. I absolutely adore the photos of your two! I remember this stage with my two, and luckily they do seem to eventually manage to play side by side (most of the time haha) xxx

  3. I literally cannot wait for spring, if nothing else just the chance for the children to get out! x