Easter Decor - Three easy ways to decorate your house for Easter.

Monday 10 April 2017

I love Easter. Flipping love it. Really, give me it over Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays. All of it. (Okay maybe not Christmas.. but the rest of it!)

It's such an understated holiday and I think that's a big part of why I like it so much. Not everybody celebrates it, not everybody sees it as a big deal. It's not hyped up and overly advertised like Christmas is. It's just a lovely little holiday, that's nice for the adults because it represents spring along with religious reasons for many. Long bank holidays, the seasons changing and the days becoming brighter. And of course nice for the children because it means chocolate, Easter egg hunts and egg decorating competitions (if you're of school age)

I like decorating the house for Easter. In an understated kind of way, I do it every year. If you like doing the same then here's three simple and cost effective tips to give your home that Easter feel.

1) Put up your childrens crafts.
 Easter has some of the easiest crafts around (just Pintrest it - there's hundreds) and a lot of them are absolutely gorgeous. Easter bunny bunting is a yearly favourite of mine and all it requires is card, scissors, string and a hole puncher. If you're into scandi decor then Pintrest has some amazing scandi inspired Easter decor for your home and it really is so simple to do. If you're in the UK then places such as Pound land, Home Bargains and Wilko's have a variety of cheap and easy Easter crafts for the home too.

2) Embrace the greenery.
Easter is all about spring, right? And what better to represent spring than flowers. Daffodils are some of my favourite flowers to have around the house and they instantly remind me of Easter time. They're in-expensive and can easily be found in most local supermarkets so you don't have to travel far. House plants in general transform a house in to feeling totally spring like and again can be easily found in local garden centres. In other words, embrace the greenery!

3) Utilise what you already have.
I set up Lily's shelves for Easter this morning thinking Easter decorations would be thin on the ground as I'm yet to go shopping (I'm actually scouring the pound shops this afternoon  - look out for an Easter basket haul coming up on my yt channel later in the week) However when looking around Lils bedroom for bunny related items I could use I found out that she actually has hundreds. I mean really, way more than I thought! From Sylvanian rabbits to rabbit related books, soft toys and bunny shaped nightlights. It wasn't difficult to make an Easter shelf for her at all. If you have a look around your children's rooms you might find yourself surprised at just how many rabbit themed items they already have.

I hope these tips have been somewhat helpful. If you have any blog posts of your own on Easter Decor leave me a link in the comment section below - I'd love to have a read.

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