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Archers 3 Month Update

Oh baby boy you're 3 months old now and we can't imagine life without you.

This month we've seen you
Grasp. Grasping everything in sight seems to be your new favourite thing to do. You seem to find it comforting to have your cute chubby little fingers curled tightly around all sort of things and you wont fall asleep in the day unless you're holding a finger or my sleeve. Super cute, but not so cute when you grasp my hair and tug. You've started doing it to your big sisters hair too and she loves coming to me and telling you off!
Chuckle. You've been beaming at us since week 5 but now you've started chuckling when you're amused with the occasional proper giggle too (although we have to work really hard to get one of those out of you!)
Kick. Those legs move non stop now little man! Always when you're excited or see someone you recognise. It looks like you're doing the irish jig!
Put on weight, lots of it! Aren't chunky babies just the best? It seems like all of a sudden you've ballooned and I can really see it when comparing these photos to your 2 month ones! I haven't had you weighed for a while but you're in 3-6m clothing already.. I think I need to invest in a decent wrap to save my back!
Chat. Now you've found your voice you don't stop chatting away and I love hearing it. You seem to make more and more new baby sounds every day and I think you're going to like the sound of your own voice just like your big sister, she talks non stop too!
Show preferences. You're showing preferences about so many things now. Who you want to hold you, whether you want bottle or boob and you even do a particular shriek when I'm chatting to big sis and you want our attention! I love that your personality is really starting to come through now.  
Enjoy your own company a bit more. Or maybe that should be 'be put down more' You've always been my velcro baby but recently you've been quite happy to be put down on a play gym or left on your changing mat after a change for five minutes or so. You quite happily chat to yourself or watch your big sister and it's amazing how productive I've learnt to be in that 5 minutes hands free time!  

Although it doesn't look like it in these pictures, your hair is really growing. Interestingly it's white blonde on top which Lily's never was yet there's a big patch of hair at the back that is the exact reddy brown that Lily's is. I wonder which colour you'll end up being. 

Your colic is worse than ever. It's never really been that bad, especially when I compare it to Lily's in the early weeks but in the last 2 weeks it seems to have come forth with a vengeance. You're really struggling with trapped wind and we've tried just about every lotion and potion going with little effect, I can't wait till it passes for you. With that being said we're starting to get a routine going now and it makes every thing seem much more manageable.  You're very colicky between 4 and 7.30 but by 8pm you've worn yourself out and you fall asleep and stay that way till morning. We bring you up to bed with us at around 10.30 and you'll wake up every 3 hours or so until Lily comes in at half 6. You sometimes refuse to go back down after  3am and I end up bringing you in to bed with us but we put up black out blinds a few nights ago and we're starting to see a difference. You even did a 5hr 45 minute stretch the night before last, which I think was a fluke, but it was still lovely!

You absolutely HATE car journeys but are still loving baths and I plan to take you swimming soon.
There's loads more to say, I could write pages and pages about you Arch but I think I'll have to leave it here. Here are some Iphone photos from the past few weeks instead - Look at what a cheeky chappy you are! 

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  1. The second photo down on the left (I'm guessing on the bed? haha) is the cutest! What a cheeky smile :). He sounds so similar to how Parker was, although I wish he was that chubby haha. Fx the colic passes soon, it's so awful for you and them xx