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Week in Pictures #15

A photo log consisting of many a lazy day, playing in the garden and bonding with baby cousin Wilf.  

Living with migraines for almost twenty years - my story

Blog posts have been thin on the ground this week thanks to a particularly bad run of migraine attacks. It sucks, but it's also my life and what I've been dealing with since I was small. In the future I now know to have pre written posts set aside for when my cluster migraines occur, but for now I've been spurred in to doing a series about my migraine journey, the ways in which it's affected my life and tips I've learnt along the way. I don't know of any other migraine sufferers but if I can help a single other sufferer out there reading these posts then it will be worth it.

I experienced my first migraine attack at 9 years old. I came home from primary school one afternoon complaining of pain in my head and of feeling sick. I'm pretty sure my mum thought I had a bug at the time, but then it kept on happening. 

Week in Pictures #14 - Half Term Photolog


That time we broke down on the motorway..*

Car safety is a topic close to my heart. Mainly because for as long as I can remember I've had this complete and utter fear of me, and now me and the kids or James, being involved in a car crash. James works outside of Leeds for work which involves him travelling on the motorway daily and so I always make him ring me before he sets off so if he's home any later than planned I will know somethings up! (I really should watch less Motorway Cops, it doesn't help the fear haha)

I'm not sure many people can say they have a breaking down on the motorway story but I certainly do.

Siblings in February

It's half term and as much as I'd love to say the kids have been getting on like a house on fire the same way they did in the Christmas holidays, it would be a downright lie haha.

For whatever reason they're fighting like cat and dog lately and honestly? it's so wearing.

65 WHIMSICAL Hashtags for your Instagram

Ohh that whimsical life. We all crave it yet it never happens. My home is more frightful than fanciful these days with half drunken cups of coffee on every surface and killer lego pieces dotted around for you to step on at every turn. But still, I love pretending my days are whimsical, and looking through the hashtags on Instagram and seeing other peoples beautiful pretendy pictures too. ;)


Some people's lives actually are as beautiful and enchanting as they look in the pictures on Instagram. Some people actually do live in cottages in the middle of forests with wooden tables that constantly have fresh wild flowers on. (and I am SO jealous of these people's lives let me tell you, because that is the dream!!!)

Little Loves - Snowy Walks & Vintage dresses

This weeks been one of those weeks that have passed me by entirely. I feel like half term has come hurtling towards me and now all of a sudden it's upon us.

Lily's had a lovely last week at school. She had her first school disco, which made me totally emosh because I can still remember my own school disco like it was yesterday (I insisted on a head full of 'butterfly clips' for that particular disco as they were all the rage back then ha ha) and Archers just been pottering around doing his own thing in that sweet little way that he does. 

Weekend Watch - 02.02.18

On Friday afternoon we played in the garden till the sun started to set. We played without coats for the first time in god knows how long, there was absolutely zero breeze and I could have sworn Spring was making itself known, a whole month early. It reminded me of how I felt on this day.

And then Saturday and Sunday were beyond Antarctic. Of course. 

*All the eye rolls for British weather*

Archer you're Two

My sweet little boy is officially two. Why is it that I've been feeling sad about it all week?

He had a lovely day on Sunday. It was relaxed which was exactly what we wanted for him as birthdays always seem so rushed for us these days. It was nice to not have any plans that went further than a bout of soft play and a visit to the grandparents and it made for a slow and gentle day. (the amount of cars this kid got for his birthday though, jesus! our house has become like a garage and I'm currently desperately searching through the IKEA catologue to find some more storage units we could possibly squeeze in to the house!)

I took a few photos of the day, which I'll post below along with his 'birthday photoshoot' which was an epic fail compared to Lily's because the weather was freezing and neither one of us was feeling it. Oh well 😂