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Filey Diaries Day 4

I think it's pretty safe to say that today has been the saviour of this holiday. 

No, but really. 

All thanks to good old Mr sunshine making his appearance. 

It's sad really isn't it, that the state of the weather has to determine whether or not we have a good time. & normally it wouldn't really, especially as we're put on waterproofs and stomp in alllll the puddles kind of people. But on this holiday the weather quite simply has determined the state of our days. And thankfully, today was a good one. 

Filey Diaries Day 3

It's been such a slow start to the day again. I wish I could say that because we're on holiday it's different and we're up and raring to go each morning but actually we didn't leave the cottage till about 1 o clock again. It's my fault really, I'm usually the one getting everyone up and out of the house but I just feel so damn poorly. The energy isn't there at all, holiday or not. 

Archers general mood has been getting me down a lot this trip, too. I feel like I can't write these little diaries without mentioning it because honestly, and annoyingly, it's probably one of the main things I'll remember about this particular holiday. He's just SO miserable. I don't know what's wrong and I don't know how to fix it and I hate that.

Filey Diaries Day 1 + 2

So, we're in Filey for the week, woo! I naively didn't set any posts to schedule whilst I'm away, thinking I could post as I went along. Ha. I think I had it in my head that I could sit down in the cottage of an evening whilst the kids are in bed and write a day by day account of what we've been doing. ... definitely naive as it hasn't happened that way at all! Everything about this holiday so far has been a bit of an epic fail I have to say.

Happy Mothers day 2017

Just a quick one from me this morning. I'm simply popping on to wish all my fellow parent bloggers a happy Mothers day! We talk a lot about judgemental parents and how they need to stop, but actually, the most judgemental of our own parenting is always ourselves. We need to be kinder to ourselves and each other, we're doing great. May you enjoy spending the day with your little people and have lie ins, and chocolate in abundance.

I also wanted to say Happy mothers day to those mothers who are without their babies today. This day is as much for you too so please don't let anyone make you feel otherwise. I'm sending love to you all.

Mothers day gift guide - Blogging Edition

Did you catch my mothers day gift guide posted earlier on in the week? Well I'm back with a new and improved blogging edition!

Before I started blogging stationary was one of those things I didn't even blink at. I just wasn't interested. However since starting my blog back in 2012 I've become really rather obsessed with all things stationary. To the point where we'll go to Asda for a food shop and I'll spend 90% of my time down the stationary aisle and have to be dragged out, haha. I could look at it for hours. Is it just me?

Here are my top picks of the most useful and quirky stationary around at the moment. All of which are perfect for a mothers day gift!

Little Loves - First shoes, Trashy tv & Oscar Wilde

At last it's Friday! I say at last, it's actually been a very speedy week which has seen us through mortgage appointments, red nose day at nursery, an unusual amount of temper tantrums for the oldest, and a lot of heavy rain..
It's makes this post I wrote about spring last week a bit silly now. 

As of today Arch is officially poorly. Or at least I think he is, he has a temperature and is feeling all sorts of sorry for himself. And why shouldn't he, being poorly is no fun! Talking of no fun, that's exactly what our weekend is probably going to be unless he makes a miraculous recovery over night. Fingers crossed...

Archer at 14 months

This kid! He's a menace. A 14 month old menace! I've slowed down on Archers updates since he turned one, mainly because things aren't changing quite so rapidly. So I'll probably update every couple of months from now on instead. With that being said, a lot has changed since his 12 month update. The main thing being that he's seriously in to everything and it's been taking its toll on my sanity a little of late. But he's also picking things up at such a speed and and its so cool to watch.

First and foremost I have to mention his climbing. Jeez this boy is SUCH a climber. We never had the whole climbing thing with Lily (which by god am I grateful for in hindsight) but Arch seems genuinely convinced that the whole world is his playground. Or more specifically, the whole word is his climbing apparatus. His and his alone.

Weekend Watch - Enjoying the mundane

I'll be honest - Weekends like the one that's just been are usually the weekends that I don't bother to write up. The days that I skip out the weekend watch post. & that's normally because there's just not all that much to write home about. But today I want to write about the mundane, because honestly I'm so damn lucky to get to have these days as my mundane days and I want to remind myself of that more often. Also, these weekend are the days that I want to look back and remember just as much as the doing something new kind of weekends. Days of lazing around in my pyjamas with my little people - simultaneously feeling like I have cabin fever, but also not being arsed enough to actually get up, dressed and do something about it. These days happen a lot. But they're still something to be celebrated as much as the exciting ones, and definitely something to be documented. Because I'll look back on these lazy day's with such fondness, I know I will. 

Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide

Us mothers - we're simple souls really aren't we? You might be reading this and thinking hey, speak for yourself (!) but I am quite easy to please when it comes to buying gifts if I do say so myself. & to be honest, very stereo-typically girly in a lot of my likes. From candles and phone cases to jewellery and succulents I'll be sharing my top picks over on the blog through out the week. Men if your struggling for some last minute buys before the weekend arrives - look no further ;)

It's the little things - Playing in the garden, at long last

More often than not it's the little things that mean the most to us. That's why The little things linky run by Jodie over at Dear little Daisy and Lauren over at Dilan and Me is so great because it focuses on just that, the little things.

Yesterday was a prime example of something that will seem insignificant to many but actually meant so much.
It was actually the first time we had the french doors open and played out in the garden since last summer. A signifier right here in black and white, or a burst of colour should I say, that what has been the longest winter is finally finally at its end.

Spring is here.

What my kid wore Wednesday #1 - Monochrome mix

Okay first of all - WOW how hard is it to take a flat lay of clothes!? Is it just me? I just spent twenty minutes trying and then promptly gave up. I think I need someone to give me tips! But until that day comes, or until I can figure out how to get my children's clothes all in one frame (seriously?? how?!)  I guess I'm just going to have to do my outfits post flat-lay less so bear with..!

I'm joining in with This Mama Life and The Ordinary Mum for their new What my kid wore Wednesday linky as I'm big into kids fashion these days. It's the only bit of indulgence I let myself have since I never really spend on myself anymore. Not only do I quite literally never have the luxury of time to go shopping by myself I also would much rather my kids look good than me, haha. I'm sure many of you can relate.

Chlobo bracelet review

I'm a big fan of jewellery and always have been. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. There's not much I don't wear! In fact I'm one of those people that feel weirdly naked without a piece of jewellery on..
I was recently gifted a bracelet from the UK based designer jewellery company Chlobo and asked to choose from their latest range.
Looking through their charm bracelets I actually found it incredibly difficult to choose as there was such a versatile range with many that appealed. I eventually decided on the sun & moon charm and since it arrived I've barely taken it off.

The bracelet itself is very dainty and easy to slip on and off.


Siblings in March

Oh this pair! They're simultaneously melting my heart and making me want to rip my hair out at the moment. Archer is very much a fan of all his sisters toys, quite simply because she is playing with them. Because when she's at nursery he's not interested at all, of course. And Lily keeps wavering between 'keep him away from all my stuff!' to 'let him have whatever he wants mum' and then forcing toys on him and getting annoyed when he doesn't play with them. You really cant win can you?

Both of them have grown a lot this month. Physically and mentally too. 

Being ready to say bye to crawling.

There will be no Mondays weekend watch post today. In all honestly the weekend has been so so crap that it's one I'd rather just forget. So I'm having a good old moan about crawling instead!
Where we are as of now is some sort of frustrating in between walking and crawling stage. Where Archer wants to be walking but he's not exactly there yet. Does anyone know what I mean? I need to talk about it because it's driving me a little insane. I don't remember having this situation with Lily. She was crawling (and a late crawler at that) until one day she just wasn't anymore and so it was all pretty simple.

But Archer seems determined to make the whole crawling to walking transition as complicated as he can!

Let me explain..

Friday Favourites - H&M goods

This weeks Friday Favourites is basically just me bending down and hailing at the feet of h&m. I've done a lot of online shopping this week & 90% of it has been from h&m. & let me tell you, it hasn't disappointed!

What I like the most about h&m is that they cover such a wide range of products. Not only do they do really nice adult wear, their kids clothes are really nice too (boys range especially, not quite as keen on the girls bar shoes) and their home ware is my absolute favourite. Hello copper heaven!

Weekend Watch - 04.03.17

The weekend just been has been a pretty good weekend as it goes. Just the right amount of relaxing and busy and it's definately gone too fast.

On Saturday we decided to brave IKEA with both the kids. Never again let me tell ya! IKEA is bad enough on a Saturday as it is but with children in tow..just no! Nightmare doesn't even cover it tbh.

Dolls houses, Monochrome dungarees & Bears den | Little loves

This is my first time joining in with little loves, how exciting! & how fast has this week gone!? It feels like only two minutes ago I was fighting off the Monday blues.

It's not been my usual kind of week this week as I've been struggling on and off with my sinuses for the past few days. My amazing mother has stepped in to help with the kids and has dropped Lily off at nursery all week and so I've had chance for plenty of much needed bed rest. I'm so very grateful for her. I'm also so glad it's Friday today! I always look forward to the weekend rolling around. We have an IKEA trip planned for this weekend and then I'm hoping to start re-decorating the living room if all goes to plan.

So onto what I've loved this week...

Hello March

'March came in that winter like the meekest and mildest of lambs, bringing days that were crisp and golden and tingling.'

I should probably start by saying that in my attempt to be more productive when it comes to my blog this year I've decided to start a monthly 'hello...' series. Basically where by at the start of each month I'll either talk about or list any goals/plans for the month ahead. Then at the end of each month I can look back at this post and see whether the month has gone the way I wanted it to. I may turn it in to a linky if there's enough interest (or if it's not already been done?) and hopefully having set aims for each month, seeing them there in black and white in front of me will help me in being more productive. But as the master of procrastination, we will see!

I'm looking forward to March in a way I've not for the months of January and February.