Lily Tessa




Archer Leo


Welcome to the world Archer Leo. 
Our beautiful baby boy joined us 3 days ago and made our family complete. 

A more detailed update will follow when I get a spare 5 minutes (so probably in about 10 years time!) 
Thankyou again for all your kind words 

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Introducing the idea of a new baby to your child

It can be hard for a child to understand the notion of being a big brother or sister, especially if they're still quite young, it can be a daunting idea for them to get their head around. Luckily there's lots of ways to go about preparing them for this new and everlasting role in their life and here are a few of the things that helped us with Lily. 


37 Week Update - Last ever update

Since I'm going in to be induced on Friday this 37 week update will be my last ever update and I feel so emotional about it. I've really enjoyed the routine of documenting this pregnancy and although it will be soon replaced by regular baby updates instead I'll be sad to see them stop. It feels like the end of an era!

My Third Trimester Essentials

Now that I'm officially full term and at the end of my pregnancy I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my saviours from the third trimester. It's been a very uncomfortable third trimester for me and these items have helped beyond belief!

36 Week Update - Induction & Growth Scan

Another crazy week and yet again I don't know where to start! I feel like every week gets more dramatic than the last at the moment, I suppose it's a good thing the end is in sight!

Weekend Watch - 17.01.16

 If you follow me on social media you'll know that this weekend is our second to last weekend before I go in to be induced and so I really want to make the most of these last two weekends as a threesome. Saturday evening it was starting to snow just as we were putting Lily to bed and she got so excited about it I honestly didn't think we'd manage to get her to sleep but she went out like a light with the promise of being allowed to play in it in the morning. 


Friday Favourites #8

I don't know why I've scheduled Friday Favourites for Saturday, stupid baby brain! but hey ho. Most of the favourites from this week are baby related items as I'm well and truly in the nesting phase. We've been doing the house up a bit and it's slowly but surely getting there..


Spending time with my daughter before the new baby arrives

With a maximum of a few weeks to go before the baby arrives I've found myself getting really emotional about the fact that Lily will no longer be an only child. That's totally normal right!?
I find it really hard to explain how I've been feeling. It's not like she's going anywhere or I'm going anywhere but in a way it sort of feels like that? These are the last days of it being just me and her, the way it's always been for the last three years and I feel like I need to treasure these mummy daughter moments before everything changes. 

35 Week Update

This week has probably been the hardest week of my pregnancy so far. Am I allowed to say that I'm SO done with being pregnant even though I'm not full term yet!?

Goals for 2016

I've decided I'm not calling these New Years Resolutions anymore, rather goals for the year as New Years Resolutions always makes me think of people breaking them haha. I actually went back and looked at my old resolutions post from last year and yep as I thought I hardly did any of them! Learning to cook..nope! Having one evening a week without laptops and phones..nope! (although I do still think this is a good idea) and I didn't have the operation I was expecting to have either. Infact looking at last years list, the only two resolutions I kept was expanding our family and drinking more water (pregnancy craving!) So I guess I picked the best resolution to stick to in the end! 


The Holidays Are Over

These holidays have been our last before the baby arrives and I'm a little sad that they sped by so fast. I always think the days in the run up to Christmas go so slow and once Christmas has been and gone the rest of the days just disappear. This year has been no different!

34 Week Update

34 weeks..crazy! It's been the last week of the Christmas holidays and as I'm typing this it's the last day before we return back to the normality of Monday mornings tomorrow. James is off back to work, Lily's back at nursery and I'll be waiting in all day for the plumbers to fix our broken bath seal. Oh joy! 

Probably the most interesting news from this week is that I've been given a consultant appointment for 36 weeks where we'll sit down and figure out an induction date for me. It will be nice to finally a plan of action! The midwife said the induction could be at 37 weeks or 38 weeks depending on how my blood levels are doing at the time. Although I'm so uncomfortable and could quite happily no longer be pregnant right now I think I'd prefer a 38 week induction to a 37 just because it gives me more time to get the house sorted. Either way it will be useful to finally get a set date in my mind as to when the baby will be coming!